Jessica Eggert

A little about me

My sweet spot is working with (and creating) companies that build tools and community to create and lead to access, equity, opportunity and economic growth. I do this right now as the Founder of LegUp, a child care management company connecting working parents to the best out-of-home child care providers, and as the creator of The Affinity, an online community for DEI professionals to connect and share resources and best practices.

Previously, I led teams at The Riveter, a venture-backed female-focused coworking spaces, as the Head of Culture & Innovation and one of it’s early employees. I have also worked as an HR, Operations and Diversity & Inclusion consultant for large and small technology firms and nonprofits on the West Coast, and led HR and Internal Operations for east-coast based and global technology firms.

I’m the mother of a 6 year old boy, wife to this brilliant man, and southern-raised woman based in Seattle. Interested in chatting? Connect with me here!